Thursday, September 18, 2014

To Celebrate the Twins' First Birthday

I really want to sit down and write a nice, neat blog post about the twins turning one.  I want to frame our last year for you in neat life lessons and tell you ways we've all grown and how wonderful it is.  I can do some of that- but here's the truth: It is hard to remember.  :-) This year has flown by in some ways, dragged in others.  I am not quite sure I even know what year it is.  Yesterday I was out walking, and it got dark earlier than I expected.  I realized it's fall.  I have to think really hard about the date each time I write it.  There is chaos, noise, mess and joy constantly. But my brain is done.

So I'll just post some cute pictures and a summary of what the babies are like, because that's about the most I can manage.

***But first, I want to ask you if you can help with a fundraiser I have committed to.  Instead of gifts for the twins, our family wanted to do something meaningful.  They really don't need anything (except diapers!) and we felt like we've been so blessed this year by so many people.  So we found a neat fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network. Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is an international non-profit organization that raises funds for children's hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children's health issues. As you know, our kids have experienced care at two different children's hospitals and it's quite amazing how much we've been helped.  Read Erin's blog post here about her experience going to a children's hospital. 

Here's what I want to say.  My kids are in no way the sickest kids around.  But we have way more experience with children's hospitals than I'd want.  We are constantly struck by the number of families who just walk around with healthy kids who've never seen the inside of a children's hospital for any reason.  I don't know why this has been what we've had.  It never gets easier, it never gets more comfortable.  Most parents I know stress when their kid gets a fever or a bad virus.  So do I.  But for us, we can visualize and remember what the next steps can be if your kid doesn't get better.  We still hate it.  But we are so grateful for children's hospitals.  

Do you know that there is entirely different protocol for treating babies and kids than adults? Without children's hospitals, we wouldn't know the difference.  And when it's your baby- your precious one- who you are carrying half-dead into the hospital, you want people who KNOW KIDS to treat them.  You want people who know that your very heart is laying there on the bed, and you want them to do everything they can to make them better.  They get it.  They have the tools to do that. And the desire.  
As I have said before- we are confident that without the medical care our kids have gotten, at least two of our kids wouldn't be around today.  And our life would've been way worse on a daily basis. 

My personal fundraiser is The Miracle Marathon- to walk the equivalent of a marathon in about a month- and to raise $10 for every mile.  My support goes to Children's Hospital of Omaha, where all three of our youngest go to the GI clinic and have had procedures. We have asked friends and family to donate.  Can you give even a dollar to help celebrate the twins' first birthday? This means a lot to us.  

Go here to donate and read more.  Thank you for considering helping.***

Here's a summary of who these babies are:

Sammy Brown (as he's called on here): 

I have asked my husband to verify many times over that this was the baby that he saw come out of me when he was born.  That blond hair! Those blue eyes! He doesn't look like us- except his little face looks just like Baby Boo when he was younger.  Just the wrong coloring.  Since the beginning we've noticed Sammy Brown is a sweet, sensitive kid.  However, he's also turned into a bit of a bully.  No one told these guys they are twins, and they'd like to be the only child in the family.  So they fight a lot.  But Sammy will crawl over to me and want to be held and to snuggle all the time.  He's been slightly ahead of Honey Bunny on motor skills, but not by much.  He did sit, crawl and stand first. But he has also decided he hates most solid food.  He'd like us to feed him bottles and baby food forever.  With the exception of rice cakes.  He gets super excited when we get those out. He loves to talk and make noise.He is very social- he actually made great eye contact with me instantly after he was born and he just loves to go places and be with people. A friend has called him "the ultimate frat boy" and said he has such a "joie de vivre".  He is a smiley kid and loves to play.  He's busy. I can't wait for this next phase- when he starts to turn into a real person.

Honey Bunny (as she's called on here): 

You guys, no one told me about this girl thing.  I am far from a "girly girl" but sheesh! This is fun! So many cute dresses, shoes, hairbows! I've been stuck in boy land for far too long.  I remember going to buy a coat for Son #1- the choices were a black puffy coat or a camo coat.  That's it.  So I am LOVING this! Thank goodness for garage sales and second-hand stores or we'd be in the poor house from my buying habits.  Honey Bunny is just a wonderful girl. She coos and sings and we call her the Happiest Girl in the World.  She just loves everyone and everything.  For the longest time, Big Brother Bully Sammy Brown would steal her toys and she'd just allow it.  She is finally figuring out not to do that.  She cries and/or hits him, but at least she's asserting herself.  I am overwhelmed by her preciousness.  She's dainty and sweet.

We are learning what it means to be a family of 6.  It's still taking a lot every day to make our life work.  But I am super glad we have these two.  So this week we celebrate that we all survived the first year (party pics to come after) and that these guys are with us.

Happy Birthday, you Two Babies! We love you!
***all the good pics of the babies- Photo Credit Becca Whitsell


  1. Happiest of first birthdays to YOU ALL ;) [I just got peanut butter all over the keyboard while I'm typing this because it's 2 oclock and I'm just eating do you do it with 4?!?!] And these children in these pictures? They cannot possibly be your babies. They are too old. And I love that you ask for donations instead of gifts...the more I see of your heart, lady, the more I love. :)

  2. You are too sweet to me. I appreciate you reading my stuff. You are such an encouraging friend. Thank you.

  3. This is wonderful, you are so inspiring. Doing a fundraiser to give back to the system that's helped you is just amazing.